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Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is very commonly carpet cleaning method.  Steam cleaning is the method of choice by professional cleaning services.  The steam cleaning methodology varies from professional cleaning service to professional cleaning service.  Therefore, it is the oldest and most effective carpet cleaning method.

Single Stage Steam Cleaning

The simplest form of steam cleaning involves only a single stage. The carpet cleaning machine in this case uses water and a professional detergent.  This method cleans carpets without rinse and hence leaves behind detergent residue that promotes fast re-soiling.

To ensure that the single stage steam cleaning performs adequately, it uses several pieces of equipment, among which there is a machine that has rotary brushes.  Therefore, carpets are free from dirt and debris without damage to their fabric.

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Multi Stage Steam Cleaning

However, there are other ways to implement a this cleaning process in your home or business.  For many carpet cleaning professionals, the multi stage steam cleaning is the most efficient method.  Noteworthy is to mention that it seems to leave the carpets with a cleaner feel and fresher scent.

In this method, the carpet cleaning professionals spray the carpets with an Eco-Friendly solution.  Following, there is a rotary action that will separate the soil and help in the stain removing process.  The next step is to use hot steam or hot water to extract the dirt off the carpets. Finally, in the last stage, a pH treatment goes to the carpet.  Consequently, there is no after smell nor lingering stains.  Of course, if you so decide, there is an optional deodorizing process available.

Other Optional Services

In Addition, other optional services are dry cleaning after steam cleaning, carpet raking, Oz guard carpet protector and carpet antistatic.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is ideal for hard surfaces as well as softer carpets and upholstery. Therefore, by using this cleaning process, it will drastically reduce allergens and other irritants. Those that can cause asthma, chemical sensitivities and other breathing problems.

Eco-Friendly equipment and techniques ensuring cleaner and healthier carpets, which are safe for households are the tools of choice. Carpets dry within hours of carpet cleaning process and look great for longer time.

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