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Pet Stain and Odor Removal Burbank

Keep your carpets looking great even with pets!

There is no denying the presence that pets have in our lives. They quickly become a part of our families and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. However, they can leave a mess on our carpets & there is also the issue of pet odor that can be trapped in the carpeting or upholstery fibers.

This is a very serious problem to your health due to the bacteria that may breed there. It is very important that you completely remove the odor from pet stains right away.

If you don’t, it will quickly become a common place for your pet to use as a bathroom over and over again. After a couple of times, it will be hard to get it out and will soak through the padding on the bottom of the floors, your furniture, as well as mattresses in your home. Approximately 63% of households have some type of pet in them which is over 70 million homes.

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It isn’t always possible to be at home with them and even if you have designated areas where the pets are to do their business, you will find surprises. However, at this point, there is no real urgency to replace your carpet.

Don’t assume that you have taken care of the problem on your own. The pet urine is able to deeply penetrate your carpets fast. This isn’t a surface stain but one that gets into the fibers as well as to the backing of the carpet.

The fact that there are many layers that the urine affects is why those smells linger and bacteria can develop.

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The way to solve the problem is to remove it from each of these layers of the carpeting. The carpet cleaning specialist in your service will carefully evaluate the depth of the problem and then work from there.

What will you be using?

Only the necessary products to solve the problem will be used. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the carpet cleaning service simply masking a problem; our devotion is to make it disappear completely, for your benefit and pleasure.

When Carpet Cleaning Burbank comes in to clean it all up, we use the very best equipment. Every carpet cleaning team has UV lighting that allows us to find those spots you thought you cleaned but that traces of urine remain in.

What about odors and foul smell that does not belong to pets?

Naturally, regarding any other types of unwanted odors, the Burbank Carpet Cleaning crew can also draw them out.  Consequently, they will also be able to remove them completely.  Work won’t stop until all signs of the bacteria have been removed either. At the same time, we can offer you all of these benefits without damaging your carpets.

This is a great way for you to feel great in your home again. It can be embarrassing to have company over and see those pet stains or pet smell. Since most of us don’t want to get rid of our pets either this is the best alternative.

Of course, there are cases where there is nothing to be done, sadly. . . 

In the most severe cases it may be necessary for the padding on the back of the carpet to be replaced but taking care of it early on will prevent big problems for you later on. There is no denying that it can be a huge challenge to deal with our pets.

If you can keep your home clean with them, then it will also be a healthy environment for all to enjoy.

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